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Textile environmental installation

variable dimensions

My installation for “Art Transformation” 2016 is a collaborative textile environmental project involving the concepts of recycling, upcycling and rethinking textile waste materials. Thanks to a visual dialogue between the disciplines of art and craft, I build a comfortable and playful site in the forest where people can meet and interact. A place where it is possible to enjoy nature and consider the future, while reflecting upon shared creativity, sustainability and green economy.

Four seats are available in the forest: a black hammock made from bicycles inner tubes, a white hanging sofa from old crochet, a colourful circle of fabric samples and a green swing of Norwegian wool. The natural site guided and informed their features, and provided its primary structure. The sculptures respond to the movement of the forest and the wind.  In my work, industrial and private waste becomes useful and fascinating through the process of craft actions.  My work is interactive; by inviting the viewer to rest and relax within the installation, I reframe the forest as a protective space.


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