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Project Name

Infinite Slowness, 2021

Enclave Land Art

Enclave Land Art

Val de Gallinera, Spain


archive of memories


Our world is a tangle of connections, lines, knots, ties and bonds where animated and inanimated beings are highly affected by each other and profoundly dependent. 

As a human, I explore to enlarge my social fabric reaching out to non-human entities, animals, and objects. Thus, new, sometimes unexpected; communication methods are activated, often innovative and surprising. 

How can we meaningfully and sensibly communicate with our environment? 

lichens body.jpg


Infinite slowness is a field research project accessible in each part of its development and fruition. Its activities are designed for different ages and are respectful of the participants' choices of gender, belief, religion and habits.

It implies a broad range of ways of existence and interconnections. Being generated by humans, non-human animals and things in various places, spaces, and realities, it is a trans-creation in a continuous evolving status. Its potential and generative (active) power sit in its openness to alterity. In its modes and developments, it treasures and welcome diversity. It suggests there are extended ways of living for which the human binary system of thought doesn't suffice. We, humans, planets, rocks, living things, are all part of the same environment at the same level of co-dependency. 


Rocks - The project inquiries into the vitality of stones and their ability to move, reproduce, remember and communicate. Slowness, as a process of thinking in movement, is the leading feature of this research.

How do materials, animals and humans shape the landscape? How do things come together and influence each other?

Taken landscape and site as an extended, vast portion of space that occurs in a specific time (the now), rocks and humans are considered entangled agent components.

Rocks are here and now present as they are, layered stratification of time, encasing the memories of remote pasts, millions of years before humans started making things and making love.

Rocks are living archives of information from the Anthropocene and recent human history. The stories that can be read in stone run throughout time, from its geologic history in landforms and natural structures and its architectural history as part of the built environment. The stone is an archive of Earth's ancient geologic history, Indigenous stories, settler economies and immigration, and the city's more recent urban history. The stone serves as a device for storing and accessing these histories.

In these times of great acceleration and globalization, rocks keep mutating with their own inner tempo. We are not immediately aware of their transformation, but that's an unstoppable, ongoing process. The rocks slowly transform themselves while keeping internal equilibrium between their constituents. While the human body is ephemeral and temporary, the stone is durable and stable while performing its calm mutations. I believe there is much to learn from the ancient, wise rocks!



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