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Polyporus versipaper, 2019

Environmental, process based installation: old documents, books, art catalogs and art magazines, turkey tail mushrooms spores, time, processes of generation and decay, water, insects, forest.
I-Park Site Responsive Art Biennale, I-Park, East Haddam, Connetticut

Polyporus versipaper is a new species of paper mushroom found in I-park, east Haddam, Connecticut in September 2019.

Meaning 'of several paper', versipaper  reliably describes this paperfungus that displays different strata of human trashed memories.

Its body is made out of layers of discarded books and documents, art magazines, auctions catalogues, newspapers.

Its shape is meant to modify its features thanks to the interaction of injected mushroom spores, weather, sunshine, rain, wind.

It may be eaten by caterpillars, maggots, wild animals.

Intra-action, connections, dynamism, fluidity and transformation are part of its life cycle.


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