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Environmental installation
Based on a true story, Guandu International Nature Art Festival

My installation tells about a microscopic story that links together the history of Guandu Nature Park, its fauna and human life, through science.

My collaborative and scientific based project aims to raise environmental awareness by taking a closer look at the invisible particles that influences the lives of people and animals. The woven vines installation represents a close up of the surface of an Avian influenza type A virus, which occurs naturally among wild aquatic birds. The art festival started as a response to its outbreak in 2005. The beautiful wetlands, that are home to many birds species, have always been a safe place. In my installation, a cluster of woven sculptures arises from the ground for people to explore and discover. Observing these shapes from a close perspective will lead people to know more about the story behind the festival.

The rich nature of the park allowed me to experiment and use local plants. Two different kinds of vines are interwoven to generate a virus


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