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“Intoxicated by Nature, I embrace everything.”

Trace of thoughts, a dialogue of white damp between earth and sky.


2011, Textile installation

Nature, recycled threads.

"Poetic forest", Mount Lushan, China.

​This project arises from my desire to approach the shapes of nature through my art. The installation is anchored to natural elements already present in loco, whose aspect it modifies. This work of art wants to suggest that there is a different and more creative way of living in our areas, a more fascinating way based on respect of and closeness to nature. My aim is that of getting the viewer involved on both an emotional and a poetic level, by blending inanimate and animate elements together. In order to achieve my goal, I decided to transform the interaction between the visitor and the space by offering new stimuli for the perception and understanding of places. Thus, space will take on unusual perspectives and our mental maps of the territory will consequently change.


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