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“I live in the home suspended on the sound of the wind”

2012, environmental installation, Bamboo, Tree, wooden house, recycled white nautical ropes.

"Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, “Nature, Human Being and Sound”, Gongju, South Korea

​My work generates from the need to escape urban life and the yearn to merge with Nature. My city, suspended between the sky and the Earth, is free from obnoxious noises and traffic. The blowing wind gently cradles the city to its movement, life and voice.
By lying to admire it, the visitors’ mind wanders unexplored paths, their ear awaits still, until it perceives the mystical, evocative sound of the rustling wind through the bamboo wind chimes. Wind chimes are classified as idiophones, i.e. instruments made up of solid matter which produce sound when vibrating. Since the dawn of mankind they have been used to send signals, perform rituals and magic, protect their bearers or to make them acknowledgeable. These instruments may treat the listeners to precious moments of relax and love to themselves and the context they are immersed in. The ropes interwoven in space link possible destinies and stories floating in the mystery of time. People can thus see themselves running on these ropes between one life to the other, like tiny inhabitants of a suspended world.
Wind, canes and thought, whereupon, lo!   Upspring Nature, Human Being and Sound!


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