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"Le forme del tempo"


2012, project for indoor istallation

Materials: wool, felt, paper and synthetic recycled yarns, are knitted or sewn by hand.
All the elements are composed within a metal structure.

"San Fedel Art Prize", San Fedele Gallery.

14 Miedzynarodowe Triennale Tkaniny, Łódź 2013 "14th International Triennal of Tapestry" Lodz, Poland Tapest


The work presents the inner part of a cave.
The shapes are inspired by Ernst Haeckel's radiolarians and diatoms microscopic siliceous skeletons.

I'm  fascinated by life cycles: the transformation of natural forms and their crystallization and solidification in structures that resist to dissolution becoming sediments and memories of the flow of life.

I present a double of nature, a second reality. A world of new forms deeply linked to the invisible structures that are the constitutive particles of the natural environment we live in. The installation is designed in order to create an immersive environment.


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