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Site responsive, environmental installation.

Roots, fallen trees, hidden life, time, mutation, observation, cleaning and discovery.

The forest has an invisible vitality, running below its ground, inside the tree trunks, in the leaves, into the drops of water.

It has a hidden power that goes beyond the human senses. A life made of lines, roots, mushrooms, sap, small insects, water, bacteria … While perceiving this pulsing vivacity nothing else is needed.

The forest has everything, gives everything, and holds an inner balance where humans can find a place only by learning how to carefully interact with it.


This project has been a way to investigate my relation with an overwhelming and almost pure nature. I felt the need to redefine my movements, action and way of thinking. In order to do so, I decided to learn from nature following her lead.

Starting from a beautiful and majestic tree, I pursued its vital lines by cleaning one of its roots to understand its path inside the forest ground.

My intervention extended these lines above the ground into the space by composing different fallen branches into a long, human made, root.

The surface of the new root has been investigated by scraping the first layers of the bark thus unveiling the secret history of those trees.

This project has been a daily exploration of my boundaries and human's relation with nature.


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