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2012, Nature& textile instalation

"Biomorphic", Auburn Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia

“Fiori d’acciaio / Energia e leggerezza nell’arte delle donne”, Osnago, Lc

Lichens are one of  the most fascinating organisms on this planet.
Their structure are unique: a symbioses of two organisms -- a fungus and algae -- so complete that they behave and look like an entirely new being.
Lichens find their homes in some of the most barren and inhospitable parts of the world. From there they slowly begin the process of creating a foundation for habitation by others.
A lichen can literally eat stones, survive severe cold, and remain dormant for long periods without harm.
We can found lichens both in wilderness and in our polluted cities where they remind us the discrete power of natural life.
Lichens are the source of my inspiration for this project.


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