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Paper walls, 2019

Installation made out of recycled paper and old furnitures.

WasteArt Project

My project is a reflection on the spaces we inhabit and the amount of object we use daily.

It relates to the layering of time and memories, involving the concept of overproduction of goods.

Old furnitures and wasted paper (newspaper and old school books) are used as main material for an outdoor installation.

The shape of my installation is that of an imaginary architecture that will change its feature when the rain comes and time passes.

My project relates to a feeling of belonging, familiarity and the affective importance we attach to the objects that surrounds us in our daily life. The spectator is enabled to experience the work from within, moving between the “walls” and inhabit the space, which would look fragile but present like a memory. Paper is a very strong material and it is incredibly long lasting if layered. The shape of the work will change slowly by being exposed to changing weather conditions but it will never disappear completely becoming a visual reminder of the impact that our daily consumption has on the environment.

In the last years, my projects have focused more and more on sustainability by promoting the use of natural or recycled materials and hand making.

Waste Art 2019 is, for me, a great opportunity to be active part of an international group of practitioners that are bringing forward innovative insights on our environment through art. I believe in the power of creativity as a tool to connect with people, envisioning new possibilities and start a change.



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