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Infinite Slowness - Archive

Infinite Slowness - Archive, 2021
Enclave LandArt, Val de Gallinera, Spain

INFINITE SLOWNESS - archive of memories –


Infinite slowness is a field research project accessible in each part of its development and fruition, an open-ended, process-based and performative act. Being generated by humans, non-human animals, and things welcomes diversity and a broad range of interconnections in continuously evolving ways. The project inquiries into the vitality of stones and their ability to move, reproduce, remember and communicate. It considers rocks and humans as entangled agent components, part of the environment at the same level of co-dependency. Rocks are layered stratification of time, encasing past memories, living archives of the Anthropocene. The human body is ephemeral and temporary, and the stone is durable and stable while performing its calm mutations. Let’s learn from the ancient, wise rocks!


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