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Infinite slowness - Belonging

Infinite slowness - Belonging 2023
11th Viviane Fontaine International Paper Triennial, Musèe de Charmey, Switzerland

Infinite Slowness – Belonging, 2023

This project speaks of the signs left on the world's surfaces by time,

the geological strata, the empty spaces excavated by water,

visual archives of the world's memory and history. Through a

sensorial exploratory mode, body and mind reflect the landscape

and incorporate its morphological features and impalpable

essence resulting from a weave of interactions and layers, cultural,

material, and emotional.The artwork, a personal exploration of the landscape in the

proximity of my home in Italy, was created during the first

pandemic when the world's events forced me to return. While

facing isolation and loneliness, I started to interact with my

childhood landscape, recognizing its imprinting in the shape of my

body, my attitude, my moods and my behaviour. I've discovered

to be its reflection, and as much as I shape it, It has formed my

physical body and personality. Using paper, my chosen medium

of artistic expression, I've started to interact, learn to see and listen

deeply and reconcile myself with my roots, where I deeply belong.


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