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Kizaki Monogatari:Fresh light, yellow rice, 2019

Site responsive installation, natural material: Puretaria montana, rice straws, chestnut and pine trees.

Shinno Primitive Sense Art Festival 2019- The birthplace of water

Period: August 24-September 1, 2019

Kizaki lake – The forest of Sasuki

Source is where we come from: water, the beginning, a sparkle of light.
Home is a place within, it can be found when needed.
The beautiful landscape of Kizaki lake inspired me in many ways.
The colors: yellow, green, silver and gold.
The light on the mountains between the clouds of rain.
The smell of rice.
The fresh water of the lake.
The ancient soul of the shrines` wooden walls.
A place where I belonged, for a short while.



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