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The Story of a Place

AIR Tainan, Tsung-Yeh Art and Cultural Centre

Tainan, Taiwan

Tsung-Yeh, through its landscape and architecture, speaks about its past: the Japanese political colonization and its influence on the economy of Taiwan but also about the hidden story of common people and everyday working life.
In her exhibition, Redaelli explores Tsung Yeh’s history through the daily hand gestures of a former factory worker: 黃志旭, a local farmer: 黃美珠 and an artist: Bamboo Hsu. The images remain as icons of time, defining the differences in the site destination of use.
The immersive installation combines memories, daily life, natural materials found within the park: 觀音宗竹、七賢竹、大葉欖仁、羊蹄甲、黃金葛; and local people’s old clothes. With this intervention, the artist researches the edge between an urban, humanized landscape and its wild, green and abundant nature.  The ceaseless passing of time is documented through natural patterns, lines, colours and their continuous changes.  Part of the installation has been created through a share process during a community gathering.


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